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Twin cities Helsinki & Tallinn attract schools with #ErasmusPlus funding

The wind seems to have changed. Now it blows from south to north. 

The twin cities Helsinki and Tallinn attract schools more than ever as venues of #ErasmusPlus courses. The Finnish course provider Euneos has already been able to confirm 12 courses for this school-year, 8 of them in the capitals of the most northern EU country Finland and the most northern Baltic country Estonia. 

Looking at the map you notice that Helsinki and Tallinn are situated only 80 km away from each other. The ferries transport millions of passengers across the Finnish bay of the Baltic Sea every year, in less than two hours. Finns speak about digging a tunnel from capital to capital. And Estonians smile willingly.

But it would be an error to think that European schools are interested to send their principals and teachers to the north because of touristic reasons. If they liked to have fine weather and sunny beaches, Helsinki or Tallinn wouldn’t be the favorite targets at all.

Finland and Estonia are countries shining with the  results of their school education. Many international researches give evidence about that. The best known are the PISA studies of OECD. For two decades Finland has been the absolute Number 1 among European countries in PISA. Now Estonia has reached the same level, and even exceeded the Finnish level in math results. 

Estonia has worked wonders when it comes to digital transformation both in schools and in the whole society. It is said that Estonia is the most digitalized country of today. And because digitalisation is a mega trend in school education everywhere, it’s obvious that Estonians will benefit from their hard work for innovation.

Professor Jouni Välijärvi from Jyväskylä university is the person who probably knows the international trends in schools better than anyone else in Finland. He is called Mr PISA in his home country, because of his long career as a scientist who has carried out this international research. Euneos had an honour to have him as a speaker in our #ErasmusPlus benchmarking course in Helsinki last April. 

The trend of Estonian schools is rising, professor Välijärvi said in his presentation. And, according to him there seems to be nothing that would stop the positive development in that country. Other countries, Finland included, must really do their best to keep up with the small but ambitious Estonia. 

I think digitalisation is the key factor of success. Countries, provinces, cities, municipalities and schools that are the  most competent to go towards digital transformation will also be the future winners both in schools and in education altogether. 

Those professionals of education who share this thought have turned their looks at the north. What the heck are those small northern members of the EU doing to get their schools flourish? 

I am afraid the colleagues elsewhere can’t catch the idea without seeing it with their own eyes. Euneos has prepared great #ErasmusPlus courses for you, and already confirmed 12 of them. If you are really curious, go and see which course of attracts you most.

P.S. Of course we have also great courses for the colleagues who live here in the north and know what it’s like here. I have a good hint for you. There is a rich choice of Euneos courses also in Spain, Portugal, UK and Netherlands.

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Hi, do you want to learn how to teach newly-arrived migrants in practical terms? Then, prefer courses in the countries where migration is a real challenge. Such as Finland where Varia vocational college and Euneos FI provide #ErasmusPlus courses in collaboration. A top country in education.

Migrants’ course: ICT (m-Learning) in Teaching Newly-Arrived Migrants, 13-19 May 2018, Helsinki/Vantaa Finland,

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Benchmarking schools in twin cities Helsinki & Tallinn

Erasmus+ grants or other funding can be used to join the benchmarking course 10-16 September 2017. This course is for the staff of 10-12 grades schools, or adult education, and it’s CONFIRMED. There are still places. Instead, the previous course for the staff of 1-9 grades is full.First 4 days in Helsinki capital city area, then across the Finnish gulf to Tallinn for 3 more days. Another option is to stay only in Helsinki for 5 days. 

Finland and Estonia are top performers in school education, and both have a very special national school culture.

Benchmarking includes expert presentations, classroom observations and workshops. Sharing information of their own participants contribute to mainstreaming school development in Europe. 

More about benchmarking courses in

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Benchmarking=mainstreaming school education. Top #ErasmusPlus courses Next: 10-16 Sept, for teachers of grades 10-12.

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Top #ErasmusPlus courses for teachers and principals. Go to Finland & Estonia, the best performers of school education in Europe. Listen to experts, see with your own eyes. Meet your peers, contribute to each other, update your knowledge. Benchmarking means mainstreaming European development in schools. Your closest chance is 10-16 Sept 2017. Euneos invites you to join the benchmarking course for grades 10-12. The previous course for grades 1-9 is already full. More in

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E+ courses of Euneos in Tallinn confirmed

Tallinn is super popular as a host of Erasmus+ courses now! All 4 Erasmus+ courses of Euneos FI in Tallinn this autumn have been CONFIRMED. Estonian students shine on top of PISA study results in mathematics, and the country belongs to the best performers of school education. Is Estonia a new Finland? One of the Tallinn courses of Euneos is already fully booked. There are still places in other three courses. Check the list below and see if there is something for you too! 

Education in Finland and Estonia – Original Best Practices Benchmarking in Finnish and Estonian schools

Helsinki – Tallinn, 3-9 Sept (1-9 grades), CONFIRMED, FULL.

Helsinki – Tallinn, 10-16 Sept 2017 (10-12 grades), CONFIRMED, still places.

Tablets in Education.
Tablet for STEM (math & science) Tallinn Estonia 24-30 Sept 2017, CONFIRMED, still places.

Digital Turn: How to make your school more digital, Tallinn Estonia, 8-14 Oct 2017, CONFIRMED, still places.

More about Euneos courses, .

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