Joking with Erasmus Minus

Now that ErasmusPlus is gradually coming to an end, it’s time to launch some new Erasmus Minus courses:

Let’s make your school less international

We couldn’t care less about the continent. But we still like your money. Join our Erasmus Minus course and learn how to make an Exit from the EU. BTW, don’t err to choose the course How to make your school less international. It’s the original. We copied it.

Teach money laundring at an early age in school

We are oligarchs working on money laundring. This Erasmus Minus course on the most beautiful Mediterranean island tells you all about the subject.

Finnish school culture

Have you ever been to Finland? No. Neither we, why? Join our Erasmus Minus course in the sunny South, and we teach you everything about Finnish education. We will find out by then.

Benchmark the worst practices of school education

Why always the best practices? Why not the worst practices? Come to our Erasmus Minus course in the country with the lowest points of PISA studies! You couldn’t be worse yourself.

Cheating in the tests without bad consequences

Of course, it’s not fair to cheat in the tests. But we don’t live in a fair world, do we? Think how they cheat with reindeer emissions in Lapland. We teach you in our Erasmus Minus course how to avoid bad consequences if you cheat.

Digital is hype – stick to old technology

We offer our Erasmus Minus course for those who hate digitalisation. Back to blackboard and chalk is more healthy for all. Analog technology is so much better. You’ll learn to use VHS and C casettes in the lessons again.

Use the Internet efficiently and save your own time

Our enterprise Steel & Copper changed from metal industry to blooming Erasmus Minus course providing. Now we offer training with our new name Steal & Copy.

Erasmus Minus course with no title

Why is our Erasmus Minus course without a title? It’s because we are so interested in you that we can develop whatever course in whatever venue if we get you there. Just let us know!

Bazaar conquers Erasmus Minus market

What would Erasmus Minus be without bazaar courses? You will find them in all the nicest places of the continent. Learn to know what bazaar is before the Chinese come.

How to avoid migrancy

We have no migrants in our country. So you can trust our expertise. Our Erasmus Minus course How to avoid migrancy is really given by experts.

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Finland received 32500 migrants in 2015, which led to great organisational arrangements in the small country. Practical-minded Finns started to develop new educational approaches and methods to face the new challenge. The first Erasmus+ Migrants course in Helsinki in April 2017 succeeded very well. Now Euneos has been able to confirm two Migrants courses, one 13-19 April and the other one 23-29 September 2018. There are still places in both courses. Read more in

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Post-truth age

When the sun sets down in the evening and can’t be seen any longer, it’s gone and does not exist any more. Every morning it has to be born again.

The nightly death and the rebirth of the sun after darkness are truly true in the world of unscientific truths. We can’t help believing them. Things couldn’t be otherwise, could they? Trust your own eyes, not what others say!

If someone has doubts, we – the true believers of the sun’s rebirth – have the majority. Therefore our truth beats the wrong truth of the non-believers.

Such is the post-truth age. Believe me!

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Finland is a popular country for Erasmus+ KA1 courses – mostly organised by foreign providers

Surprisingly, Finland is number 8 on the list of KA1 courses offered in 32 Erasmus+ member countries. There are 74 such courses offered in this country.

Number 1 – according to School Education Gateway – is the UK thanks to British language courses, 429.

The Mediterranean countries come after the British Isles: Spain (361), Italy (340), Greece (227), Portugal (165), Malta (138) and Cyprus (77).

Finland’s position as the 8th may reflect the good image of the country as a PISA winner and as a European example of top school education.

After Finland Croatia (72) and Germany (71) take the positions 9-10.

Except for Finland, other Nordic countries are pretty low on the list: Sweden 23h, Norway 24th, Denmark 26th and Iceland 27th. The number of KA1 courses offered in those countries varies from 22 (Sweden) to 18 (Iceland).

The most of the Erasmus+ courses offered in Finland are organised by foreign providers. The chances of domestic providers are weakened by heavy taxation in the country.

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Euneos benchmarking courses attract schools in south and east

Benchmarking school education in Finland and Estonia interests schools of Erasmus+ member countries. Despite the fact that foreign providers have also started to provide courses under the same title, the original benchmarking courses of Euneos, the Finnish course provider, stay most attractive.

The benchmarking courses of Euneos bring 125 participants on average to Helsinki and Tallinn every year, in spring and autumn terms, to learn about European school education.

The idea of benchmarking is to compare education of schools in target countries and in Europe largely. All participants are committed to give their contribution to the course. As a result they can take new innovative ideas with them back home. If some schools are ahead in development, they can fertilize others by sharing their innovations. This is how European development in schools can advance, in practical terms.

The most regular visitors of the Erasmus+ benchmarking courses of Euneos are principals and teachers from the Mediterranean countries Italy (71), Spain (70) and Greece (59). Turkey (69) is a country with a large number of participants. Unlike others, their teachers usually come in big groups, and not regularly.

Compared to the size Portugal (28) also sends quite a lot of guests.

Instead, the big Erasmus+ member countries – Germany (9) and the UK (6) – are mostly absent. A slight exception among the biggest countries is France (25), thanks to the visit of a large French group of colleagues in spring 2017, which improved the position of France in the statistics of benchmarking remarkably.

But even the schools of the Netherlands (24), the neighbor of Germany, seem to be more interested in benchmarking courses than the German or British ones. Belgium (2) again seems to have less interest than the Dutch neighbor.

Poland (35) is well represented among the visitors, and so are the East European countries Romania (44) and Bulgaria (24). Then there are Erasmus+ member countries such as Croatia (13), Slovenia (12), Serbia (6), Czech Republic (6) and Cyprus (3) whose participation in benchmarking courses is quite numerous, taking their size into account.

There are few countries like Hungary, Slovakia and Austria that are absent in benchmarking courses. But, important to add, they participate in other Erasmus+ courses of Euneos.

Norway (3) and Denmark (2) are scarcely represented in the statistics of benchmarking, Sweden (0) is not at all there. The same concerns Latvia (1), the biggest of the Baltic countries. Instead, schools in Lithuania (8), another Baltic country, are participating more actively.

Logically, Finland and Estonia, the target countries, have no entry in the statistics. As host countries it is not possible for them to have Erasmus+ funding in KA1 courses organised in their home countries. (BTW, there is an exception for Finns to take part in 3 days benchmarking in Tallinn.)

A special guest of benchmarking courses was Victor Ramirez from Guatemala (1) in autumn 2016. He wanted to learn about European school education and found Euneos benchmarking course in Helsinki and Tallinn a proper option for that. Victor was a self-paying customer, because coming from a non-member country he could not get Erasmus+ funding. He gave a fine assessment about the course, as do the most of other participants too.

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Watch this! 12 confirmed Erasmus+ courses of Euneos coming. Some of them full, many have still places. Act now to have your seats! More in

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Every school needs this Erasmus+ course !

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