Curating scoops about ‘tablet in education’

The new Erasmus+ program of the EU was published on December 12, 2013. The changes from the former LLP program to Erasmus+ challenge schools in Europe at the same time as the transition from non-digital to digital learning takes place.
We appeal to you, dear colleagues in the EU countries and in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Macedonia and Switzerland, to join COMP@CT and Dafnord in curating scoops about tablets in education in your own national language in the service Please give your consent by registering yourself in and by sending the mail address you used while registering to
COMP@CT, the Comenius 3 network, and Dafnord Association pay for the service in order  to promote digital learning.  The two organisations curate scoops to that topic in 14 European languages ( ; ) so far, and we want to expand the network of curators to all languages.
Why to collect web material about this topic in national European languages? First, the use of tablets is the most important technological innovation to enable progress in digital learning for the time being. The diversity of languages delays the rate of educational development in Europe compared to countries like the USA, China or India where there is only one main language for education. Therefore we need to do extra work to keep up with others and to get all teachers involved.
Second, it’s not enough just to collect web materials and to inform teachers about teaching with tablets. We also need networking among the colleagues. The experience shows that networking is most efficient if it is based on the native language and attention is paid to national conditions. The advantages of networking in your own country are self-evident.
Third, the national curators build up teacher communities. By curating scoops and by sharing information about tablet use in social media  communities can greatly contribute to training and research & development of digital learning.


🙂 ilpo
Ilpo Halonen


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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