Ilpo sends an invitation to Benchmarking courses in Finland and Estonia

I don’t know the exact number but there must be several hundreds of thousands of schools in Europe. How many of them are aware that they could compensate their in-service-training costs next school-year by applying Erasmus+ grants for their school? I am afraid not too many. Those who know better, especially the schools in Middle Europe, will be the first ones to apply, and I am sure quite many of them will be successful with their applications.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that most schools in Eastern Europe (for example Finland, Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Greece) will be late and won’t apply. It means that they have to wait for the next call in 2015. So for the whole next school-year those schools have to get along with their own money for training (if there is anything left).
I represent Euneos, a small course provider in Finland. We have organized Comenius 2 courses since 2006. The changes in Erasmus+ mobilities were a kind of shock for course providers, Euneos one among them. We have tried to cope with the new situation, which we find really challenging not only for schools and institutions but also for course providers. Therefore we have joined the EuLIst consortium of course providers. 
If you read this I am really grateful and I thank you for your interest in Erasmus+ in-service-training courses in 2014 – 15 😊! They belong to educational mobilities of Key Action 1 of Erasmus+. As a course provider, Euneos finds KA1 as the main framework for our activities in future. Besides, we are also ready for KA2 strategic partnerships. BTW, Euneos runs the EUMIND Action to promote collaboration of Indian and European schools, but so far EUMIND is not funded by the EU in any way.
For your next schoolyear I would especially like to recommend our Best Practices Benchmarking courses . This text explains why I think you might get the best benefit from benchmarking courses where the course participants visit the schools and really see on-site what kind of challenges the schools in Finland and Estonia are facing just now and what, for example, the transition from non-digital to digital means in practice. Besides, you can find your partners for strategic partnerships of Erasmus+ Key Action 2. Now that there will be no preparatory meetings for KA2 projects, you can compensate the loss by meeting your potential partners in the context of benchmarking courses.
As you certainly know, your school or your institution is responsible for sending an application by March 17, 2014, at the latest. I am pretty sure that there will not be as many schools now applying as perhaps later. because this spring is the first round of applications in the system. I am afraid there are many schools which will be delayed this time. Those who are fast enough are certainly in a good position to get their applications through. Of course, every school has to argument the application well enough and base it on a development plan of the school. The schools really need to know what they want to do in the coming 1 – 2 years to be successful with an Erasmus+ application.
Notice please that several teachers can be included in the application of the school, and there can be many courses to be applied for.
Some points concerning the EU grants:
– grant for 5 days course 350 euro
– but the structure of grant makes it possible to cover a fee of 650 euro (Euneos course fee)
– hotel choice and meal choices of one’s own can reduce the costs
– in new E+ there is no request for course organisers to offer “accommodation and meals” any more
– there will be recommendations of hotels with 2 – 4 stars and everybody will choose and pay accommodation and meals on one’s own.
Please visit to read the complete information about benchmarking courses. If you agree with me on the advantages of such a course pre-register yourself. You find the link to pre-registration on the site mentioned before. After pre-registration I will send you the help document (25 pages) about how your school or institution can proceed with applying for benchmarking courses.
Notice please that you can make your application very convincing if you combine more practical learning with theoretical. This can mean, for example, that you combine your benchmarking courses with online studies in the courses of European Schoolnet Academy Then I think your application will be irresistible in the eyes of the EU and of your national agency for Erasmus+ 😊.
Other courses of Euneos
– tablet courses (general, music, English) , (see more in
– How to make your school more international,
Please don’t hesitate to contact us :-)!



manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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