Benchmarking with Erasmus+

Thanks to its excellent PISA study results Finland has got some reputation as a model country for education. But did you know that Estonia was among the most successful in math skills of students in PISA?  And there is more to know: Estonia will be the first country to make use of its widely praised rethink of math education in a project to build a new school statistics course,
Are you interested to see schools in Finland and Estonia with your own eyes? Erasmus+ mobilities can help you to do it.  We organize benchmarking courses where you compare teaching, studying and learning processes of your own school to best practices from schools in Finland and Estonia.
From Monday to Wednesday you benchmark schools in Helsinki capital city area. On Wednesday evening you will be taken to Tallinn by ferry in 1,5 hours. From Thursday to Friday you will be hosted in Tallinn. Sharing information and knowledge about education with others will make you a strong in developing your own profession and your school.
There is still more to think about. How about joining a period of job shadowing to your benchmarking course? It’s up to your school to make an application for your National Agency by March 17, 2014 and let you start a new phase in your teaching career. What could be better for your school?
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