School saves money in Erasmus+ by sending the same teachers to courses one after the other

True, two or more courses for the same teacher is OK with Erasmus+. Your school can spare money by sending the same teachers to two different kind of Euneos+ courses, first to make your school more international (also more competent in applying for grants) and then to make your school stronger in digital learning by instructing teachers in the educational use of tablets. This way your school will save a lot of travelling costs.
The schedules of our courses enable this. For eample, you join the two following courses, one after the other, in Benalmadena. Spain:

26-31 October 2014 (Benalmadena) Internationalisation
2-7 November 2014 (Benalmadena) English, Music tablet course

15-20 March 2015 (Benalmadena) Internationalisation
22-27 March 2015 (Benalmadena) English, Music tablet course

25-30 October 2015 (Benalmadena) Internationalisation
1-6 November 2015 (Benalmadena) English, Music tablet course

Another big advantage for the school is that your school or organization will get two organisational unit costs (350 + 350 euro) if the same teacher pass two different courses. It’s not the number of teachers that counts for the number of organisational costs but the number of flows according to the rules of Erasmus+.

The same will work also with course fees: the same teacher can visit two different courses and get the fee for both, because these are different flows in the application.

I thank my friend Rüdiger Riechert from IIK Düsseldorf for this information. He just participated in a conference where the German Grundtvig National Agency clarified their standpoints with Erasmus+.

Please have a look at all courses Euneos FI offers to schools and organizations in .


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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