The window is still open for E+ courses but it will be shut soon

I am happy that I got so many mails from colleagues around Europe about Best Practices Benchmarking courses. Most of them already preregistered their school/institution for the benchmarking courses  in .
Now we are ready to send you a draft application form. Please preregister and ask for it! It will help you to compare your own application to our draft that was checked by Ludo Mateusen. Ludo has cooperated with Europees Platform, the Dutch national agency, for decades, and he has also been an assessor of European projects for a long time.  He is in charge of our courses “How to make your school international” , see
If you want to be successful in your Erasmus+ KA2 activities I very much recommend you also to apply for Ludo’s course.
We organize video conference sessions for applicants on Tusday March 4 at 18:00 and Thursday March 6 at 19:00 Brussels time.
These sessions are for those who want detailed information about their applications. There is also text chat during the sessions, so you can ask questions also in written.
You get the invitation to the session by responding to and informing about your interest.
BTW, remember the applying window for EU funding is open now, but it will close by March 17. If you don’t apply now, your next chance will be the school-year 2015-16. And next time there will be thousands and thousands of applicants more…
😊 ilpo
Ilpo Halonen
Euneos FI
Twitter: halosenilpo
WhatsApp +358503460015

Skype: selacho


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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