Questions and answers about Erasmus+ courses

Dear ilpo 

thanks a lot but stil have some quests. 

again concerning the new erasmus plus rules

1) is it ok for a school to apply three school courses in 2014 for example bencmarking- how to make school more international- tsp for english (



2) what happens if school sends 3 different teachers for each course in 2014 ? ( teacher a-b-c for benchmarking, teacher d-e-f for internalinazation and teacher g-h-i for tsp english total 9 teachers)

in practice is it normal? or are 9 teachers not reasonable ?

In principle it is OK. The main challenge will be why three teachers follow the same course. You have to explain very clearly what each of them will do in school to implement the learning outcomes. 

3) what happens if school sends teacher a for three courses while changing the other teachers? (teacher a-b-c for course one, teacher a-e-f for course 2, teacher a-h-i for course 3)

In principle you don’t have to mention the names of the teachers yet and the school  can send other  teachers to the course after the approval provided that the profile of the  teachers is more or less similar 

4) can a school apply for a course in 2015?


5)after all applying two courses will be more reasonable, i think 

(a-b-c for course one, teacher a-e-f for course 2)?

I don’t know what reasonable is for the NA in Turkye
important to explain why these courses are needed for that number of teachers of your school 

6) in URF  who will be the LEAR contact person or school principal?

Contact person is the person who will arrange everything at school for the courses (booking flights, making sure that reports have been made, helping with dissemination etc..)

(Thanks to Ludo Mateusen for clarifying and confirming the problematic points!)


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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