Don’t try to put too many teachers in the same Erasmus+ course

Dear applicant,
it doesn’t make sense to apply for a big group in Erasmus+.
In the application you have to explain clearly – especially in the profile part – what each of the participants will do after the course to implement outcomes: in which subjects they are going to change teaching methods, more use of ICT, more project work, more student-centered learning etc.
If you apply for a kind of excursion with too many teachers / staff members, it might not be taken serious by the assessors. You have to justify in the school development plan what the needs are. If you cannot explain why each of those people has to go to a course, you risk that your whole application will be rejected. 
Acceptable number for participation in Benchmarking looks to me maximum 5 to 6: manager, ICT person, head of department of a subject, responsible person for innovation, special needs teacher as examples.
You have more chance if you send teachers to different courses that also fit in the school development plan.
I thank Ludo Mateusen for these important words of warning, and you can also trust him.  Ludo, my long-time colleague, is really a living database of European education. Now he shares his expertise with you preparing Euneos courses for Erasmus+.
We offer a great choice of courses: internationalisation, didactic use of tablets, benchmarking, see more in In addition, we have a brand-new course about how to curate online content in education. You can discuss about these courses in Facebook where Pentti Pirhonen collaborates with you on 24/7 basis ;-).

manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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