Ilpo tells you how to be economical in your Erasmus+ course choices

It is correct that you fill in that you go to a course of 5 days and automatically the calculation will be done for 70 euro a day = 350 euro.

That’s how you have to fill in.

That is the same for the application forms in all countries.

It causes a problem for course providers. No course provider in a Western European country can afford to organise a course for 350 pro participant. Providers have costs for trainers, schools or other course venue, facilities, preparation, they have to pay VAT taxes on the course fee as well.

If your application will be approved, you can cover the costs of the higher course fee with the money for travel and subsistence. In Benalmadena, Spain, it is possible to have cheap accommodation especially if you share a room or an appartement, for example.

For subsistence you can also calculate the travel days: so that is 7 days.

For each participant the school will also receive 350 euro organisational costs.

 A TIP About Costs of Tablet Courses of Euneos  in Benalmadena Spain and in Porto Portugal:

Course Fee is 650 eur.
(- 10 % discount if five or more teachers will attend Euneos Erasmus+ courses from same school)

There are lots of flights to to Malaga  and Porto. Also Ryanair and other cheap companies are flying to both course destinations.

Also hotel prices are inexpensive. We have agreed course group prices with hotels in different price categories. (between 33 eur – 80 eur per night with breakfast).

Participant can choose their cost level. Also in meal prices.
6 night accommodation and meals will cost about 350-650 eur, depending on hotel and meal choices.

Hotel choice, flights, and meals are up to individual choice of each participant.

Erasmus+ Grant makes it posssible to compensate the price of course fee by using other elements of the grant:
-Individual support
-Organisational support

Benchmarking courses in Helsinki Finland:

Unfortunately, Finland is one of the most expensive countries :-(. But we also have a good reputation as a country with an excellent education :-). The fact is that you have to calculate a bigger budget  for your benchmarking course here. The fee is actually 524 euro but in Finland we have to pay 24 % VAT in addition, which makes 650 euro.

Remember: the Erasmus+ grant is a lump sum for your school or institution.

A tip:  you book a cheap flight to Tallinn Estonia, instead of Helsinki. Tallinn is situated 80 km south from Helsinki. You need to buy a return ticket for a ferry over the Baltic Sea between these twin cities.  It costs about 50 euro. The voyage lasts 1,5 hours.  If you take the Option 2 on Friday, the last course day, it means that you will travel by ferry back to Tallinn. No need to take the same route twice.

Accommodation in Tallinn is cheaper than in Helsinki, maybe 60 % of the price level in Helsinki. So you overnight the first Sunday/Monday night in Tallinn and take the earliest ferry to Helsinki. You overnight in Helsinki for 4 nights, from Monday to Friday.

If you choose Option 2 and visit Tallinn on Friday, when the course comes to an end, you need not travel back to Helsinki. Instead you can overnight in Tallinn Friday/Saturday, which is again cheaper than in Helsinki. You can save more than 100 euro staying for two nights in Tallinn, instead of Helsinki.

Being economical in your choices it is possible for you to cover the WHOLE cost by your Erasmus+ grant!



manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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