Finalize your Erasmus+ application, remember declaration of honor by the head, be in time!


Euneos organized four different videoconferences for applicants of Erasmus+ courses last week. There were 20 seats for every session. They were fully booked. There are some important comments below that we emphasized during the sessions.

Now that there is only less than one week left for sending the application there is still enough time for those who are very quick and know what their school/insitution needs to keep up with the development of education, There are some bottle necks when writing the application. I refer here what Ludo Mateusen, one of the most experienced trainers and assessors of EU projects and courses tells us:

1. The challenge is that you have to demonstrate as detailed and concrete as possible why more than one teacher is  going  to attend the  course and what you  are going to learn and how and you  are going to implement the learning outcomes  at school level
You need to convince the assessor that it is important to meet the needs of the school (School development plan) that the selected teachers attend the course.

2. If you are with 5 teachers, you can select all six topics of the course adding them in point I. Impact of the project
Please, focus on the selected topics and try to explain why they are important for your school.

3: Please write the application on the e-form according to the actual needs of your school . Be specific.

4. Make sure you have everything ready before the weekend. Especially the scanned declaration of honor of the principal and submit everything BEFORE March 17th

BTW, some applicants were confused about what I wrote in my advice to them: “ … the application form it is only possible to apply for benchmarking courses in Finland. So please don’t try to put a name of another country into the form, just Finland.” This does not mean that you could not add other courses in other countries into the same application. It only means that you only mention Finland when you apply for 5-days benchmarking courses. There is an option to make an excursion to Tallinn Estonia on the last day of the course. But it doesn’t mean that Estonia should be added as a target country of benchmarking courses.

BTW, do you know about our Social Media Master Class course? Write to to get quick response and all supportive material you need for applying please!


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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