A word or two to grant holders of Erasmus+ mobilities

I hope the preparation of Erasmus+ mobility is going well among the funded schools , and they will find the best possible KA1 courses for their schools. However, if you don’t mind I would like to take your attention shortly to tell you about the possible risks.

You may already know that there are 6000+ courses offered on the KA1 course platform of the EU. This may seem very consumer-friendly. But the huge number of courses has also some bad side-effects.

There is neither regulation nor any control about the quality of courses. Actually, anyone can start organising events under the label of Erasmus+. The level of the courses varies a lot. Therefore it may be really challenging for schools to find the appropriate high-quality courses. 

Another consequence of the multitude of offer is that there will be less participants per course, and more courses will be cancelled than before. In case of cancellation schools must possibly change their original plan and find a “plan B” course.

National Agencies are aware of this problem. Some of them advised schools not to stick to any specific course in their Erasmus+ KA1 application beforehand. And normally NAs are quite positive in case the school wants to change the course for the reason described before, or for another reason.

The well-known courses of good quality will always sell well. But there are only places for a limited number of participants. Such courses will be full in no time at all. So schools with Erasmus+ grants need to act fast to ensure there participation in quality courses.

Euneos FIN organises EU courses since 2006, Erasmus+ KA1 courses since 2014. Our course topics focus on current challenges of European development in schools, such as internationalisation, digitalisation and benchmarking education in Finland and Estonia, top performers of school education. 

Our course offer includes 15 different topics. Each course will be carried out by experienced professionals and experts of education. If you choose Euneos courses, you will be in good hands of reliable, skillful and kind people. 

Read more in https://www.euneoscourses.eu 


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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One comment on “A word or two to grant holders of Erasmus+ mobilities
  1. Ton Koenraad says:

    Could not agree more. As recommended ErasmusPlus course provider TELLConsult http://www.tellconsult.eu/ is proud to be collaborating with Euneos.


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