Digitalisation proceeds in schools

Most #ErasmusPlus courses of Euneos focus on digital topics. Why is Euneos, the Finnish course provider, enthusiastic about such topics? The reason is quite obvious. Finland and Estonia, the countries where Euneos is based, are both most advanced in digitalisation.
Thanks to Nokia, the giant ICT company, networking in Finland has been very fast and also schools have gained a lot from that development. The smaller brother, Estonia, has been even faster in digitalisation. Estonia is said to be the most digitalised country in the world today.
Benefitting from this development Euneos has created a choice of #ErasmusPlus courses which include most important topics of the digital turn of schools. Courses are organised both in north and south, from Helsinki and Tallinn to Tenerife. Principals teachers and other school staff are invited to the courses to learn about pedagogical tasks of digitalisation.
When Euneos started to organise EU courses in 2006, our training was about project-based learning PBL. One topic only. From such a general approach Euneos has proceeded towards specification of topics. Tablet courses – general, English, STEAM – were started in 2013 and 2014. Later came the courses Games and gamification, Digital turn and ICT to Migrants. The newest example of this development is the eAssessment course in 2018.
Of course, the use of digital means is also a component of other courses, such as Course-international, Benchmarking Best Practices, Coaching strategies and Integrated curriculum. Digital skills are certainly needed wherever digital devices and tools are used.
Learning digital skills presupposes even more practical approach than traditional pedagogy. You can’t bake a cake without knowing the recipe, the materials and the oven. Similarly, a teacher needs to know how digital devices, tools and materials must be used to produce learning.
It goes without saying that #ErasmusPlus courses are a very good place for learning and practising digital skills. Colleagues from many countries come together. They have a safe place to learn among nice colleagues. And they are trained by competent trainers, experts of digital pedagogy.
This is what Euneos courses are all about. They really make a difference, and schools prefer. There are still places for the staff of schools and institutions looking into the future.


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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