Winning #ErasmusPlus courses – digital topics

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Winning #ErasmusPlus courses about digital topics. All Euneos courses in spring 2018 are confirmed, see Innovation in schools is our concern since 2006. Trainers are teacher experts. Euneoscourses make a difference, schools prefer.

Tap-Swipe-Pinch, the use of tablets in the classrooms, was the beginning of digital Euneos courses in Erasmus+ in 2014. Then came new digital topics – one after another. Now digital topics are as important as internationalisation, benchmarking, coaching or multidisciplinary learning on the course tray of Euneos, the Finnish course provider.

Before Erasmus+ Euneos focused on project-based learning PBL in a long series of Comenius 2 courses in Inari, Finland, the northernmost course venue in the European Union. Euneos was founded in Helsinki in 2005, as a spin-off of Comenius 3 network COMP@CT. The past of the company is fully bound to the educational programs of the EU.

Why have digital topics got such a big role among Euneos projects? Innovation is the main common nominating factor of Euneos courses. Digitalisation is the most innovative trend in schools today. “Schools undergo digital turn”, says Dr Mart Laanpere, the well-known researcher of Tallinn university. Estonia, his home country is said to be the most digitalized country in the world.

Therefore it’s quite logical that we offer so many top courses about digitalisation in the course choice of Euneos. This spring 2018 all our digital courses are confirmed, and some of them fully or almost fully reserved. Read more in


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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