The EU’s Erasmus+ program supports Ukrainian refugees

The education of Ukrainian refugees is a new priority of the EU educational program. Support for education is given to Ukrainians suffering from the war.

Adding this priority to the Erasmus+ program obliges all national agencies in the 35 Erasmus+ program countries. About 550 million people in EU countries are covered by the Erasmus+ program.

Support for Ukrainian refugees helps them implement and promote inclusive teaching methods and work-based practices. The goal is high-quality and successful integration of refugees into vocational training and on-the-job learning.

The task also concerns recognizing refugees’ skills and qualifications and supporting mental health.

The Finnish EU course organizer Euneos is the leading provider of Erasmus+ courses in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Euneos has organized EU courses since 2006 and responds to the challenge today too,

Ukrainian colleagues are invited to Euneos courses in Finland and Estonia. They can learn about best practices and innovative methods by following schools and institutions. Euneos does not charge them a course fee. Three free places are offered for each course. For the Refugees and Migrants course in Hellsinki the number of Ukrainian colleagues can be as high as the course can practically include.

National Erasmus+ agencies can tell you more about possible support for the costs. See .

Support Ukrainian colleagues who have been forced to flee from their homes. Help them to register for Erasmus+ courses!


manager of Euneos Corp., EU course provider since 2006, senior lecturer of high school (retired), language teacher, writer

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