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Winning #ErasmusPlus courses about digital topics. All Euneos courses in spring 2018 are confirmed, see Innovation in schools is our concern since 2006. Trainers are teacher experts. Euneoscourses make a difference, schools prefer.

Tap-Swipe-Pinch, the use of tablets in the classrooms, was the beginning of digital Euneos courses in Erasmus+ in 2014. Then came new digital topics – one after another. Now digital topics are as important as internationalisation, benchmarking, coaching or multidisciplinary learning on the course tray of Euneos, the Finnish course provider.

Before Erasmus+ Euneos focused on project-based learning PBL in a long series of Comenius 2 courses in Inari, Finland, the northernmost course venue in the European Union. Euneos was founded in Helsinki in 2005, as a spin-off of Comenius 3 network COMP@CT. The past of the company is fully bound to the educational programs of the EU.

Why have digital topics got such a big role among Euneos projects? Innovation is the main common nominating factor of Euneos courses. Digitalisation is the most innovative trend in schools today. “Schools undergo digital turn”, says Dr Mart Laanpere, the well-known researcher of Tallinn university. Estonia, his home country is said to be the most digitalized country in the world.

Therefore it’s quite logical that we offer so many top courses about digitalisation in the course choice of Euneos. This spring 2018 all our digital courses are confirmed, and some of them fully or almost fully reserved. Read more in

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Euneos was the first to introduce use of tablets in EU courses 2011

It was still the time of Comenius 2 courses when Viljenka Savli, the Slovenian pioneer of pedagogic tablet use, started to give iPad training in Midnight Sun courses of Euneos in Inari, Finnish Lapland in 2011. Android or Windows tablets were hardly known at that time yet.

Two years later the first tablet courses specifically to the topic of tablet pedagogy were started by Euneos, under leadership of Vili. And when Erasmus+ program was launched the next year, Euneos had already more experience than any other provider in tablet pedagogy. Therefore our tablet courses became very popular, and even some competing providers sent their representatives to Euneos courses to benchmark and learn.

Tablet courses still belong to the core of Euneos courses, together with other courses about topics of digitalisation. In addition to general tablet courses, there are specific courses for English and STEAM, topics of science, art and math. It goes without saying that thanks to the tradition of many years the tablet courses of Euneos are both well-proven and full of novelties.

Euneos courses always make a difference. Teachers are trained by teacher experts in these courses. Therefore, school prefer. Read more about them in

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Training teachers of migrants in Finland – a country with a challenge of immigration

High-standard education for migrants in Finland – shared in #ErasmusPlus courses to European schools. New methods with help of ICT. Get training in a country where immigration is a real challenge, more in

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Governable immigration – what should it be like?

What should ”governable immigration” be like in the European Union? Give your comments on the following issues!

1 Proactive measurements in departure countries?

2 Systematic and protective border guard control at the outer borders of the EU?

3 Fair distribution of migrants in the EU member countries?

4 Respectful and human reception of migrants in the target countries?

5 Fast, efficient and legally justified equal treatment of migrants’ affairs?

6 A well-funded system of migrants’ integration based on education with no “blind alleys” ?

7 A dignified return of individuals to the departure countries in case of non-acceptance?

8 Regular check of integration results and well-being in migrant families and communities, with a special eye on children and juveniles?

We train European teachers in Erasmus+ courses in Helsinki Finland to modernize teaching, studying and learning of migrant students. The next confirmed course 13-19 May 2018, more in

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School education with Erasmus+ in Helsinki and/or Tallinn – sorry no beaches :-(

There are really nice beaches in Helsinki and Tallinn. Unfortunately, they are hot enough only in summer. So, Euneos FI can’t offer sun bathing experiences as part of our Erasmus+ courses in Finland or Estonia. Schools are closed in both countries from June to mid-August. Instead, we provide benchmarking courses in spring and autumn. And they belong to the category of education and not life style.

Seriously, Euneos wants to contribute to European development in school education. It’s what we have been doing since 2006 when our EU courses, Comenius at that time, were launched. Benchmarking courses were started with Erasmus+ in 2014. Since then 600+ teachers and principals from around Europe have visited Helsinki, and most of them also Tallinn, to observe teaching, studying and learning in Finnish and Estonian schools.

Benchmarking may still be an unknown word for most people. Putting it jokefully, benchmarking is a kind of ”spionage”. You go to a foreign school to find out if there is anything you could ”steal” and bring home as a souvenir, an innovation.

Thanks to Erasmus+ all schools of member countries are not only invited to participate but also the costs of the visits can be paid by EU grants. Is there a more concrete way to promote European development in schools than benchmarking? There is nothing as convincing as the witness of your own senses.

Why is Helsinki so interesting as a target? Or Tallinn? According to compatible international research, Finland and Estonia are the top performers of school education in Europe currently. You can check this in Education GPS of OECD where e.g. all results of PISA studies are published. There are some strong Asian competitors, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hongkong. However, their school culture differs decisively from Europe.

During less than 30 years of its independence, achieved again in 1991 after 70 years, Estonia has adopted many things from Finland, a country with 100 years’ unbroken independence. On the other hand, they have a distinctly domestic school culture, much different from Finland.

It’s remarkable from the perspective of Erasmus+ schools that school education both in Finland and Estonia follows European traditions. Therefore, everyone can easily cope with the situation in the foreign country. During the benchmarking courses the participants share and discuss ’success stories’ of their own schools contributing to the common cause of European school development.

Euneos FI, the initiator of Erasmus+ benchmarking courses in Helsinki and/or Tallinn, wants to give European colleagues the chance to visit both countries at the same time. It’s reasonable because Helsinki and Tallinn are twin cities whose distance from each other is only 80 km. There is a frequent ferry traffic in max 2 hours from one city to another.

It would not make sense to fly first to Helsinki, and the second time to Tallinn, would it? We also need to think about our ecological footprints.

So, it’s understandable that teachers and principals have mostly chosen the option of Tallinn course as an addition to their benchmarking course in Helsinki. The course in Helsinki is from Sunday to Wednesday afternoon (to Thursday still in April 2018). The Tallinn course is from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon. Combined 7 days, full of well-proven and interesting program. If your NA wishes, Euneos can charge your fee with two bills for two separate courses: 4 days Helsinki, 3 days Tallinn, instead of one.

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Mobile learning

‘Tap-Swipe-Pinch. Tablets changing the way to learn and teach’ offers you best practice approaches and practical examples for using iPads and tablets in lessons and education.

Erasmus+ course for Schools,

• 18-24 March 2018, Benalmadena/Malaga, Spain.CONFIRMED, still places.

• 27 May – 2 June 2018, Liverpool, UK.

• 7-13 October 2018, Santa Maria di Feira near Porto, Portugal.

• 17 – 23 March 2019, Barcelona, Spain

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Joking with Erasmus Minus

Now that ErasmusPlus is gradually coming to an end, it’s time to launch some new Erasmus Minus courses:

Let’s make your school less international

We couldn’t care less about the continent. But we still like your money. Join our Erasmus Minus course and learn how to make an Exit from the EU. BTW, don’t err to choose the course How to make your school less international. It’s the original. We copied it.

Teach money laundring at an early age in school

We are oligarchs working on money laundring. This Erasmus Minus course on the most beautiful Mediterranean island tells you all about the subject.

Finnish school culture

Have you ever been to Finland? No. Neither we, why? Join our Erasmus Minus course in the sunny South, and we teach you everything about Finnish education. We will find out by then.

Benchmark the worst practices of school education

Why always the best practices? Why not the worst practices? Come to our Erasmus Minus course in the country with the lowest points of PISA studies! You couldn’t be worse yourself.

Cheating in the tests without bad consequences

Of course, it’s not fair to cheat in the tests. But we don’t live in a fair world, do we? Think how they cheat with reindeer emissions in Lapland. We teach you in our Erasmus Minus course how to avoid bad consequences if you cheat.

Digital is hype – stick to old technology

We offer our Erasmus Minus course for those who hate digitalisation. Back to blackboard and chalk is more healthy for all. Analog technology is so much better. You’ll learn to use VHS and C casettes in the lessons again.

Use the Internet efficiently and save your own time

Our enterprise Steel & Copper changed from metal industry to blooming Erasmus Minus course providing. Now we offer training with our new name Steal & Copy.

Erasmus Minus course with no title

Why is our Erasmus Minus course without a title? It’s because we are so interested in you that we can develop whatever course in whatever venue if we get you there. Just let us know!

Bazaar conquers Erasmus Minus market

What would Erasmus Minus be without bazaar courses? You will find them in all the nicest places of the continent. Learn to know what bazaar is before the Chinese come.

How to avoid migrancy

We have no migrants in our country. So you can trust our expertise. Our Erasmus Minus course How to avoid migrancy is really given by experts.

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