Deadline for Erasmus+ course applications was postponed to March 24

The prolongation of the submission deadline gives you one week more time to apply for Erasmus+ courses of Euneos in Spain and Portugal. What you can choose, are courses for Social Media content curation, didactic tablet use and internationalization of schools. Beside these, there are Best Practices Benchmarking courses in “PISA” Finland and Estonia. All courses, see Euneos, the course provider, gives careful tuition to applicants how to fill in the application form in accordance to your school development plan. Contact

Following the difficulties that organisations have been experiencing in particular with the Participant Portal over the last period and although no technical blocking problems exist anymore at this point in time according to our knowledge, the deadline of 17 March 12:00 midday has been postponed until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) to give applicants more time to finalize their application.

This prolongation concerns the following actions managed by National Agencies:

KA101 – School Education – staff mobility
KA102 – Vocational Education and Training – learner and staff mobility
KA103 – Higher Education – student and staff mobility
KA104 – Adult Education – staff mobility
KA105 – Youth – mobility of youth workers and young people
KA108 – Higher Education – Accreditation of Higher Education Mobility Consortia

Submissions in this period will be marked with the flag “LATE” in the application forms. However, applicants should not worry: even with this flag, applications submitted until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) will be considered as formally eligible with regard to timely submission.

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Options 12 months or 24 months in Erasmus+ application

This is important information from Euneos to all applicants for Erasmus+ courses 2014-2016:

–  At this phase you do not need any acceptance letter or mandate from Euneos. After approval of your courses by NA, let us know all the info about your approved courses, dates, locations, teachers ect. We have capacity to organize as many courses as needed so that all accepted teachers are welcome to participate in Euneos courses!

– If your aim is to have all your courses during 12 months, (e.g. during 15.9.2014 – 14.9.2015) then it is wise to choose 12 months. But if you want to participate in courses also in late autumn 2015 (October-November 2015) and/or in spring 2016, then you have to choose 24 months. It is possible that now in the first round it is easier to get the grant than next years, because there will more schools making applications. But it is impossible to predict.

– If you choose Euneos courses for 2016, you can mention about the same dates than 2015 spring. The exact dates for 2016 have not been decided yet. If there will be applications for those days, we will agree on them with participants after approval.

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Finalize your Erasmus+ application, remember declaration of honor by the head, be in time!


Euneos organized four different videoconferences for applicants of Erasmus+ courses last week. There were 20 seats for every session. They were fully booked. There are some important comments below that we emphasized during the sessions.

Now that there is only less than one week left for sending the application there is still enough time for those who are very quick and know what their school/insitution needs to keep up with the development of education, There are some bottle necks when writing the application. I refer here what Ludo Mateusen, one of the most experienced trainers and assessors of EU projects and courses tells us:

1. The challenge is that you have to demonstrate as detailed and concrete as possible why more than one teacher is  going  to attend the  course and what you  are going to learn and how and you  are going to implement the learning outcomes  at school level
You need to convince the assessor that it is important to meet the needs of the school (School development plan) that the selected teachers attend the course.

2. If you are with 5 teachers, you can select all six topics of the course adding them in point I. Impact of the project
Please, focus on the selected topics and try to explain why they are important for your school.

3: Please write the application on the e-form according to the actual needs of your school . Be specific.

4. Make sure you have everything ready before the weekend. Especially the scanned declaration of honor of the principal and submit everything BEFORE March 17th

BTW, some applicants were confused about what I wrote in my advice to them: “ … the application form it is only possible to apply for benchmarking courses in Finland. So please don’t try to put a name of another country into the form, just Finland.” This does not mean that you could not add other courses in other countries into the same application. It only means that you only mention Finland when you apply for 5-days benchmarking courses. There is an option to make an excursion to Tallinn Estonia on the last day of the course. But it doesn’t mean that Estonia should be added as a target country of benchmarking courses.

BTW, do you know about our Social Media Master Class course? Write to to get quick response and all supportive material you need for applying please!

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Ilpo tells you how to be economical in your Erasmus+ course choices

It is correct that you fill in that you go to a course of 5 days and automatically the calculation will be done for 70 euro a day = 350 euro.

That’s how you have to fill in.

That is the same for the application forms in all countries.

It causes a problem for course providers. No course provider in a Western European country can afford to organise a course for 350 pro participant. Providers have costs for trainers, schools or other course venue, facilities, preparation, they have to pay VAT taxes on the course fee as well.

If your application will be approved, you can cover the costs of the higher course fee with the money for travel and subsistence. In Benalmadena, Spain, it is possible to have cheap accommodation especially if you share a room or an appartement, for example.

For subsistence you can also calculate the travel days: so that is 7 days.

For each participant the school will also receive 350 euro organisational costs.

 A TIP About Costs of Tablet Courses of Euneos  in Benalmadena Spain and in Porto Portugal:

Course Fee is 650 eur.
(- 10 % discount if five or more teachers will attend Euneos Erasmus+ courses from same school)

There are lots of flights to to Malaga  and Porto. Also Ryanair and other cheap companies are flying to both course destinations.

Also hotel prices are inexpensive. We have agreed course group prices with hotels in different price categories. (between 33 eur – 80 eur per night with breakfast).

Participant can choose their cost level. Also in meal prices.
6 night accommodation and meals will cost about 350-650 eur, depending on hotel and meal choices.

Hotel choice, flights, and meals are up to individual choice of each participant.

Erasmus+ Grant makes it posssible to compensate the price of course fee by using other elements of the grant:
-Individual support
-Organisational support

Benchmarking courses in Helsinki Finland:

Unfortunately, Finland is one of the most expensive countries :-(. But we also have a good reputation as a country with an excellent education :-). The fact is that you have to calculate a bigger budget  for your benchmarking course here. The fee is actually 524 euro but in Finland we have to pay 24 % VAT in addition, which makes 650 euro.

Remember: the Erasmus+ grant is a lump sum for your school or institution.

A tip:  you book a cheap flight to Tallinn Estonia, instead of Helsinki. Tallinn is situated 80 km south from Helsinki. You need to buy a return ticket for a ferry over the Baltic Sea between these twin cities.  It costs about 50 euro. The voyage lasts 1,5 hours.  If you take the Option 2 on Friday, the last course day, it means that you will travel by ferry back to Tallinn. No need to take the same route twice.

Accommodation in Tallinn is cheaper than in Helsinki, maybe 60 % of the price level in Helsinki. So you overnight the first Sunday/Monday night in Tallinn and take the earliest ferry to Helsinki. You overnight in Helsinki for 4 nights, from Monday to Friday.

If you choose Option 2 and visit Tallinn on Friday, when the course comes to an end, you need not travel back to Helsinki. Instead you can overnight in Tallinn Friday/Saturday, which is again cheaper than in Helsinki. You can save more than 100 euro staying for two nights in Tallinn, instead of Helsinki.

Being economical in your choices it is possible for you to cover the WHOLE cost by your Erasmus+ grant!


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Don’t try to put too many teachers in the same Erasmus+ course

Dear applicant,
it doesn’t make sense to apply for a big group in Erasmus+.
In the application you have to explain clearly – especially in the profile part – what each of the participants will do after the course to implement outcomes: in which subjects they are going to change teaching methods, more use of ICT, more project work, more student-centered learning etc.
If you apply for a kind of excursion with too many teachers / staff members, it might not be taken serious by the assessors. You have to justify in the school development plan what the needs are. If you cannot explain why each of those people has to go to a course, you risk that your whole application will be rejected. 
Acceptable number for participation in Benchmarking looks to me maximum 5 to 6: manager, ICT person, head of department of a subject, responsible person for innovation, special needs teacher as examples.
You have more chance if you send teachers to different courses that also fit in the school development plan.
I thank Ludo Mateusen for these important words of warning, and you can also trust him.  Ludo, my long-time colleague, is really a living database of European education. Now he shares his expertise with you preparing Euneos courses for Erasmus+.
We offer a great choice of courses: internationalisation, didactic use of tablets, benchmarking, see more in In addition, we have a brand-new course about how to curate online content in education. You can discuss about these courses in Facebook where Pentti Pirhonen collaborates with you on 24/7 basis ;-).
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Questions and answers about Erasmus+ courses

Dear ilpo 

thanks a lot but stil have some quests. 

again concerning the new erasmus plus rules

1) is it ok for a school to apply three school courses in 2014 for example bencmarking- how to make school more international- tsp for english (



2) what happens if school sends 3 different teachers for each course in 2014 ? ( teacher a-b-c for benchmarking, teacher d-e-f for internalinazation and teacher g-h-i for tsp english total 9 teachers)

in practice is it normal? or are 9 teachers not reasonable ?

In principle it is OK. The main challenge will be why three teachers follow the same course. You have to explain very clearly what each of them will do in school to implement the learning outcomes. 

3) what happens if school sends teacher a for three courses while changing the other teachers? (teacher a-b-c for course one, teacher a-e-f for course 2, teacher a-h-i for course 3)

In principle you don’t have to mention the names of the teachers yet and the school  can send other  teachers to the course after the approval provided that the profile of the  teachers is more or less similar 

4) can a school apply for a course in 2015?


5)after all applying two courses will be more reasonable, i think 

(a-b-c for course one, teacher a-e-f for course 2)?

I don’t know what reasonable is for the NA in Turkye
important to explain why these courses are needed for that number of teachers of your school 

6) in URF  who will be the LEAR contact person or school principal?

Contact person is the person who will arrange everything at school for the courses (booking flights, making sure that reports have been made, helping with dissemination etc..)

(Thanks to Ludo Mateusen for clarifying and confirming the problematic points!)

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The window is still open for E+ courses but it will be shut soon

I am happy that I got so many mails from colleagues around Europe about Best Practices Benchmarking courses. Most of them already preregistered their school/institution for the benchmarking courses  in .
Now we are ready to send you a draft application form. Please preregister and ask for it! It will help you to compare your own application to our draft that was checked by Ludo Mateusen. Ludo has cooperated with Europees Platform, the Dutch national agency, for decades, and he has also been an assessor of European projects for a long time.  He is in charge of our courses “How to make your school international” , see
If you want to be successful in your Erasmus+ KA2 activities I very much recommend you also to apply for Ludo’s course.
We organize video conference sessions for applicants on Tusday March 4 at 18:00 and Thursday March 6 at 19:00 Brussels time.
These sessions are for those who want detailed information about their applications. There is also text chat during the sessions, so you can ask questions also in written.
You get the invitation to the session by responding to and informing about your interest.
BTW, remember the applying window for EU funding is open now, but it will close by March 17. If you don’t apply now, your next chance will be the school-year 2015-16. And next time there will be thousands and thousands of applicants more…
😊 ilpo
Ilpo Halonen
Euneos FI
Twitter: halosenilpo
WhatsApp +358503460015

Skype: selacho

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