Tablet training by Euneos since 2011

How to use tablets in school is the Euneos course I like most. Why? Because it was the course that made Euneos break as an #ErasmusPlus course provider. Viljenka Šavli, the Slovenian expert of educational use of ICT, gave a surprise to course participants when she presented tablets in one EU course of Euneos. It happened as early as 2011. Not everyone had seen a tablet by then.
Since then a lot has happened in school education. Now tablets and smartphones are an essential part of everyday, also in schools. We couldn’t imagine digital turn in schools without them. 

Euneos organised the first course solely about tablet use in 2013. Together with #ErasmusPlus program a year later tablet courses took their place as one cornerstone of Euneos courses. In addition to general use, training has been given for special topics, such as teaching science and math, and also English, using tablets and apps. 

Vili, as everybody calls Viljenka, is a trainer who wants to develop her skills to perfection. This means that she is only happy when she can give participants the newest knowledge about innovations, approaches and practices. Thanks to her great experience Vili can easily estimate the value of an app or service in the practice of lessons. She is a legendary trainer.

The next tablet course where Vili is going to train is near Porto, Portugal 8-14 October 2017. The venue is a school, and all training will be as close to school practices as possible. The course is CONFIRMED. So, first visit to see what the course is all about. Then register yourself, as the website advises.

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Adobe tuo Edvard Munchin siveltimet Photoshopiin

Norjalaisen taidemaalari Edvard Munchin luonteikkaat siveltimenvedot tulevat ilmaisena lisäosana Adobe Photoshopiin ja Sketchiin. Uudet digitaaliset siveltimet ovat osa kampanjaa, jonka… Tiedotteiden tehokas julkaisukanava

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#ErasmusPlus course How to make your school more digital 14-20 January 2018 is already CONFIRMED. It has been a very popular #ErasmusPlus course with great assessments. This session will take place in Santa Cruz, Tenerife Spain. More sessions are organised in Tallinn Estonia and Haarlem/Amsterdam Netherlands. More about digital turn courses in

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There are Erasmus+ KA1 courses in abundance, 6000+. Twice as many courses as funded schools. The consequence: only a part of the course offer will come true, and all courses will never be confirmed. Another result: many courses with few participants. No fun at all.

Education in Finland and Estonia – Original Best Practices Benchmarking courses in early September 2017 are already CONFIRMED. They have been very popular #ErasmusPlus courses with great assessments since 2014. The first 4 days in Helsinki, then 3 days in Tallinn. The course 3-9 Sept is for teachers and principals of grades 1-9 (only few places left), the course 10-16 Sept is for grades 10-12.
Both Finland and Estonia are top performers of school education in Europe. More in

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Confirmed #ErasmusPlus course, 10 places left. Only for teachers & principals of grades 10-12. Focus: Education in Finland and Estonia – Original Best Practices Benchmarking, intensive work on European development in schools. The first 4 days in Finland, then 3 days in Tallinn, 10-16 September 2017, https:/

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The 1st Migrants’ course in April 2017 was a success. The 21 teachers of newly-arrived migrants from Trieste Italy gave very positive assessments about it. The course was a joint event of Varia Vocational College, the biggest organiser of migrants’ training in Helsinki metropolitan area, and Euneos Oy, Finnish EU course provider in Finland.

Coming: Migrants’ course: ICT (mobile devices) in Teaching Newly-Arrived Migrants. #ErasmusPlus #EUcourse, Helsinki 1-7 Oct 2017,

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Integrated curriculum & phenomenon-based learning. How about the subject I teach? #ErasmusPlus course, Helsinki, 8-14 Oct 2017,

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